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Ellora returned to Sonora as she was attracted to the beautiful outdoors and its incredible nature that exists in her hometown. She loves all things outdoors – you will often find her out on the trails, hiking, skiing, biking, and swimming.

She is also an avid cook and loves to be creative in the kitchen. Eating healthy, nourishing food is something that is really important to Ellora and she gets a lot of fulfillment from that.

Most people will not know that Ellora is actually a former professional violinist, who still strives to keep music part of her everyday, albeit, busy life.

The reality is, she truly loves her chosen profession of helping people and finds her work very fulfilling. Ellora is constantly fascinated by learning new things about the human body. It’s because of her lifelong learning that her passion and expertise in arthritis developed. Medicine and scientific research have come a long way in the past 20 years, and how arthritis is treated is very different to what Ellora was taught in school.

She’s always excited and happy to share the latest developments in research with others. She understands how arthritis can interfere with your quality of life, including the stiffness in your joints, the achy pain you feel at night, and the niggling discomfort that is becoming a growing concern. Arthritis can start to affect the activities you want to do and how you interact with your friends and family. Ellora knows how important it is to feel like you have enough mobility and strength in your joints to preserve your body’s ability to move through the rest of your life.

Dr. Ellora Maggs is determined to empower everyone who works with her with the confidence to say “yes” to all the opportunities that come their way without the fear of their body holding them back.

Her personal experience with arthritis is a tale of both sides of the coin. She watched her grandfather age with arthritis all over his body, but he was active and didn’t suffer pain from the condition. He lived into his 90s and was still skiing while he was in his 80s. He showed Ellora exactly what was possible and how strong the power of human resilience and determination was.

With this said, Ellora saw the other side of the coin in her professional world, where she would work with many clients whose doctors had told them that nothing could be done about their arthritis and it was just a consequence of old age. Through Ellora’s personal experience, she realized that this wasn’t true and people didn’t have to live with pain.

Since then, Ellora has devoted a lot of time and energy to arthritis care and helping people with arthritis pain. She now realizes that, because she has successfully treated thousands of clients, her grandfather was right.

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