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CLIENT, LOCATION’s leading PAIN expert has been helping people suffering from PAIN for over a decade. Hear from a small number of the thousands of happy patients who’ve worked with CLIENT, and discovered how to end their PAIN so they can return to an active life without painkillers, injections, surgery, or even just worrying about their condition on a daily basis.


As the leading arthritis expert in Sonora, the clinicians at Peak Performance Care have helped thousands of people, so they are very well-known throughout the area from the success stories of their clients.

You may have seen Ellora in various national periodicals and magazines where Peak Performance Care has been featured. Some of these publications include The Washington Post, Runners Magazine, The Competitor Magazine, and Women’s Running Magazine.

Ellora has also been featured on podcasts including The Run Smarter Podcast and The Simple Solutions Podcast, sharing her specialist knowledge with many listeners from around the world.

Even if you haven’t heard of Ellora Maggs before, her clinicians are internationally recognized arthritis experts and have been commissioned several times to present seminars and workshops to other doctors through organizations such as the Australian Physio Association and the Run Chat Live International Symposium on Arthritis.

Ellora and her team are recognized internationally as experts in the field, so much so that these organizations have sought out their opinions and advice so they can create specialist courses for other doctors to learn.

So much has changed in the world of medicine and healthcare, which is great news for anyone who is suffering from arthritis pain. Ellora invites you to have a conversation with her and she’s looking forward to explaining the advancements in treatment and how patient outcomes have drastically improved.

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