What Are The Core Beliefs Of LOCATION’s #1 PAIN Expert?

PAIN CAN be treat naturally without painkillers, injections or surgery – despite what you may have been told.

These are the core beliefs that my team and I follow in our clinic, CLINC. Our methods can get you back to pain-free exercise, an uninterrupted night’s sleep, and being able to enjoy an active life.


After working with thousands of arthritis sufferers in Sonora, there are a few core beliefs that Ellora Maggs has about treating arthritis. These beliefs are not just Ellora’s own opinions however, as this is what the world’s most renowned researchers and experts in arthritis have published. There are hundreds of papers that have been peer-reviewed and published in the last two decades that have shaped Ellora’s personal beliefs. This medical literature has shifted its recommendations 180 degrees from back when Ellora was in school so what she believes today is in line with the current state of the literature, but your doctor might not know this. Some practitioners will still treat arthritis the way they were taught to in school.

Ellora’s strongest belief is that structure does not equal function. What she means is that if you’ve had an x-ray or an MRI that shows you have severe arthritis, this does not automatically mean you’re guaranteed to have a lot of pain and that you need to get a joint replacement.

The truth is arthritis is an inflammatory condition. It’s important to know that the inflammation within the joint and the inflammation within the whole body dictates how much pain and suffering you’ll have associated with your arthritis.

Because of this, exercise is protective to the cartilage in your joints. Every day, Ellora helps people know where to get started with exercise so that it’s not too much, but also not too light so that it will have zero effect.

If you’re asking yourself what the most likely source of systemic inflammation is in your body, and you have no idea where to start with answering this question, then that is something that Ellora and her team can help with. She works on identifying and treating inflammation every day and can help you lower the systemic inflammation in your body for the purpose of having less arthritic pain.

If you’re suffering from pain, you deserve the right to make an informed decision on the treatment path you choose to follow. Ellora constantly hears from clients who have been pushed into having joint replacement surgery or other medical procedures when they didn’t fully understand the other options that were available to them.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people who get a total knee replacement actually regret that choice? That’s extremely unfortunate because you can’t ever go back from making that decision. You can’t undo that kind of surgery. So, rather than being forced into taking prescription medication, injections, or undergoing potentially risky surgeries, many people are looking for natural alternatives.

That’s exactly why Peak Performance Care is perfect for you! The good news is that the medical literature is on your side. There’s so much that you can do with just taking care of your own health and your own body, and Ellora Maggs and her team are there to help talk through those natural remedies.

Can You See How Different We Are To All The Things You Tried To Fix Your Arthritis In The Past?

And this is why when people visit my clinic here in Sonora, they get results – even if they’ve spent years trying and failing with at-home stretches, countless doctors visits and scans, bottles of painkillers, and visits to chiropractors and massage therapists.

So why don’t you come to the clinic as part of a Free Discovery Visit.

This means you see how we treat, can meet the team, and get personalized advice and recommendations on the best treatment options that can deliver you the fast, long-term, and drug-free pain relief you’re desperately searching for.

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