PAIN Myths from your doctor, friends and even social media - that are not true and leave you in pain

If you’ve suffered with PAIN you have probably heard a wild range of stories and opinions from friends and family, and even outdated advice from doctors to rest and rely on painkillers which has left you confused, frustrated and unable to get long-term relief.

Here are some of the most common PAIN myths people who visit our Sonora clinic have been told which has actually made their PAIN and much worse, and stopped them living the life they deserve.

Myth #1 - Theres Nothing you Can Do

The biggest myth that is very prevalent in Sonora is that once you’ve got arthritis ‘bone on bone’, there’s nothing you can do. This myth is predetermined due to the idea that joint structure determines, or rather predicates, who is going to be in pain and who is going to suffer from arthritis.

Myth #2 - running accelerates the condition

Another common myth that Ellora Maggs hears consistently is that arthritis is due to wear and tear, and that running or impact sports accelerate the likelihood you will develop the condition. This has been proven false and lacks substantial scientific backing which can be detrimental to your long-term health. Regular moderate exercise, including activities like running, can actually be beneficial for joint health. Exercise helps to strengthen the muscles around the joints, improve flexibility, and maintain a healthy weight – all of which reduce the risk of developing arthritis or alleviate its symptoms.

Myth #3 - Medical imaging Will Explain Your Pain

Another common myth about arthritis is the notion that medical imaging will explain your pain. It’s a very regular occurrence for operations or joint replacements to be recommended at the hospital if your doctor is basing their conclusion on what an x-ray is showing. The old-school paradigm that the joint structure is what dictates who’s suffering from arthritic pain is no longer supported by the latest research.

Myth #4 - Rest Will Help Treat Arthritis

People also wrongly assume that rest will help treat arthritis or reduce the pain – Ellora says it will have the opposite effect. Prolonged rest can lead to muscle weakness and stiffness, which can exacerbate joint pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Without regular movement, the muscles surrounding the affected joints may weaken. Joints rely on regular movement to maintain their range of motion and prevent stiffness. Without adequate movement, joints can become increasingly stiff and difficult to move.

Also, inactive lifestyles contribute to weight gain, which can put additional stress on the joints. Excess weight can cause arthritis symptoms to get worse by placing greater pressure on the already compromised joints, leading to increased pain and discomfort over time.

Myth #5 - Genetics Affects Your Own Outcome

The other most common myth Ellora Maggs is frequently faced with at her clinic is genetics. People think if their mom had knee arthritis and subsequently has a knee replacement then it’s inevitable that they will follow the same path, but this is rarely the case. While genetics do play a role in developing conditions like arthritis, they do not guarantee it, nor do they impact individual outcomes. Environmental factors such as diet, exercise habits, occupation, and injury history also contribute to the overall risk of developing arthritis.

Ellora is confident that the advancements in medical research and treatment operations mean that sufferers can take proactive steps to manage their arthritis risk factors. Lifestyle modifications such as maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, avoiding joint injuries, and adopting joint-friendly habits can help reduce the risk of severity, even in individuals with a family history of the condition.

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