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CLIENT NAME, LOCATION’s leading PAIN expert has been helping people suffering from PAIN for over a decade.


Ellora Maggs has worked with thousands of people, treating arthritis naturally and helping them avoid painkillers, injections, and surgeries.

Arthritis pain stops people from doing a range of activities, but it depends on which joint is affected as to how severely your life will be impacted. Generally, Ellora has found that people living with arthritis are impacted significantly, with the condition interfering with their ability to have an engaging and vibrant social life. The pain stops you from wanting to be social and will also hinder you from enjoying a rich family life, especially keeping up with the grandkids – this is something Ellora and her team hear every single day.

Continuing a fulfilling work-life is another priority for people living with arthritis as people still want to engage in their work and not have to reduce their hours or even take early retirement. Ellora believes it’s important to empower people to be able to do that.

Also, of course, continuing all the hobbies and activities that you love is equally important and you shouldn’t have to give these things up just because you have arthritis.

Many people who visit Peak Performance Care think and hope that if they simply stop the activities that are hurting their joints then this will make them feel better. When arthritic pain progresses, some people give up a lot of their independence.

If this sounds like you, Dr. Ellora Maggs says that it doesn’t have to be this way and there is a different solution available.

“Ellora and her team provide care that is individualized and goal oriented...”

Ellora and her team have seen me through some pretty severe illness and several injuries.

I’m lucky to have had her fighting for me and feel her approach to health, wellness, and healing is definitely a defining part of why I get to live the lifestyle I want.

When I first started seeing Ellora as a young 15 year old girl I was so sick I could barely walk, some days I couldn’t. I’d had specialists tell me I’d never run again. As a kid who ran circles around the athletic kids before getting sick I was pretty defeated.

Ellora helped me get back to walking, and running, and helped me get healthy enough that I was able to thrive in a demanding engineering program in college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (while doing lots of extremely strenuous extracurriculars). Her willingness to collaborate with other doctors, look at the whole picture of my health and my goals, and dedication to understanding exactly who I was and what me and my body needs is something I have never found in any other medical office – and I’ve been in way too many including Mayo, Stanford, and many esteemed specialists.

Ellora and her team provide care that is individualized and goal oriented. The kind of care they provided me as patient is unique, special, and extremely difficult to find in todays medical system. I’ve now graduated from college and work in one of the most physically demanding careers anyone can pick and Ellora and Kevin and their team keep me thriving in life.

They’ve gotten me through and fully recovered from a severely crushed foot, several other broken bones and injuries, help me stay healthy enough to fulfill my demanding career and lifestyle while avoiding injury, and investigate and pursue how they can help me feel and be the best I possibly can despite chronic symptoms that have debilitated me in the past.

Ellora has helped me successfully live the life I want to live through being an amazing advocate for my health. If you want a team behind you that truly has your best interests in health in mind, there is no better place to find it.

Teresa Bourgault, Sonora

“Within 6 months I was doing jumping jacks and have no pain...”

I was referred to Ellora Maggs by Dr. DeMers D.O. She suggested that I try physical therapy for my knee. I was in constant pain. Within 6 months I was doing jumping jacks and have no pain. Ellora is amazing.

Kim Hembree, Sonora

“you won't find anyone better than the Team at Peak Performance!”

If you are looking for Physical Therapy, a Chiropractor or Massage Therapy; you won’t find anyone better than the Team at Peak Performance!

From the moment I called to the moment I left, the Peak Performance Team displayed unparalleled professionalism, empathy, evaluation thoroughness, and care.

They offer so much more than general chiropractic services; they offer a complete approach to healing and wellness.

I have just started my journey at Peak Performance, but am looking forward to integrating them as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Kim Hembree, Sonora

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